The brand

Dutch produced American style cakes

We bake American style cakes in our bakery in the Netherlands. To do this, we use only the very best ingredients. Our cakes are lovingly made from different layers and rich fillings. With more than a hundred years of baking experience and a royal designation, we know the tricks of the trade and we know what tastes good! Building on our heritage and traditions, we bake hip cakes with a bold retro style for a new generation of hospitality guests.

”The very best cakes, plus excellent, reliable logistics and the best service.”

Consistent top quality

Our cakes are made by experienced bakers, in an industrial setting. As we have standardised the processes in our bakery as much as possible, we can guarantee consistently high quality. The finishing touch? This is done by hand, which ensures a distinct homemade look. Once out of the freezer, you can serve the cakes immediately or top them in the way you like. Add some fresh fruit, a scoop of ice cream or a dollop of fresh whipped cream: this is how you serve Cut the Cake in your own signature style. Served with a perfectly made coffee or as a dessert: it's up to you.

Wide range of flavours

Cut the Cake bakes cakes in a wide range of flavours, from classic to audacious. Always rich and bold, full of flavour, daring and expertise. American style cakes that appeal to the younger hospitality guest. Not only is the taste of Cut the Cake cakes distinct, the design is also an eye-catcher. Our packaging is colourful and bold, sleek and functional. Produced with a truly retro American vibe.

Cake made easy

Cut the Cake guarantee the tastiest, freshly frozen cakes for every occasion, which you can serve to your guests with the utmost simplicity and efficiency. As the pieces are already pre-cut, there's no stress involved in the kitchen or behind the bar. It works perfectly; plus they look great and taste delicious. And you can relax and leave the culinary prep work to us too. Via social media, we inspire you with great ways of serving, exciting flavour combinations and smart style tips. So cross this off your to-do-list and stay tuned: @cut.the.cake_.

Minimal waste

As you can store our cakes in the freezer, you only need to take out what you need. Some of our cakes can also be kept for several days outside the fridge. Meaning minimal waste! As we bake Cut the Cake in the Netherlands, we take unnecessary kilometres out of the equation. American top quality, made in the Netherlands.

”With more than a hundred years of baking experience and a royal designation, we know the tricks of the trade and what tastes good!”